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Our Team

We are a group of engineers and product people who founded, led, and scaled uMetric and Databook at Uber, as well as multiple ML platforms at Snap, Reddit, Amazon and Microsoft.
Xiaodong Wang - Founder and CEO

Xiaodong Wang

Founder and CEO, Ex-Uber, Snap
Sell and Serve
Wenrui Meng - Founding Engineer

Wenrui Meng

Founding Engineer, Ex-Uber
Decompose and Compose
Shiqi Yang - Software Engineer

Shiqi Yang

Software Engineer, Ex-Alibaba, Thoughtworks
Discover and Define
Jacob Prall - Software Engineer

Jacob Prall

Software Engineer, Ex-Timescale
Design and Deliver
Ashish Durgude - Product Designer

Ashish Durgude

Product Designer, Ex-Nutanix, Red Hat
Research and Design
Kevin Penner - Product Manager

Kevin Penner

Product Manager, Ex-Snap, Meta
Docs and Mocks

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Our Investors

Our Investors

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